Your Daymare starts now!

The “something special” has a name – DAYMARE: 1998! We’ve teamed up with Invader Studios, the talented guys who used to work on a remake of Resident Evil 2, and we will be publishing “DAYMARE: 1998”, their current project! We’re also putting our resources into it, to make sure it’s well polished for its release…


New Slavs campaign is out and new price is set!

You talk, we listen. The result? A new, massive, single-player Slavs campaign consisting of five missions that have been added to the game completely for free. The game is now also available in Japanese and Portuguese (Brazil) and at a new, lower price. This isn’t a limited-time promo! The game’s price is now only 29.99…


New official launch trailer is out!

Hello conquerors, it is time to remember our ancestors, to realize and acknowledge where we’re all coming from and what our forefathers did to ensure our place in this world is secured and safe. We will soon be reliving a part of European history through Ancestors Legacy. The inspiration for this project stemmed from some…


Our thanks and response to your open beta feedback.

We’ve spontaneously decided to grab the microphone/camera and comment on the most frequent questions and doubts from the ~90k users of our open beta.

The result is as amateur, clickbait and human-touchy as we’ll ever get. But hey, at least we hope it’s informative.

Woof woof!

Ancestors Legacy official community-driven tournament!

The first Ancestors Legacy tournament is here! And it’s a fully community-driven event! Sign-ups start right now and end Feb 23th. First round of matches starts Feb 24th (you still have time to practice!) We’ve got some real-deal prizes for the winners, thanks to our partners at AMD Gaming, here’s the pool: – 1 x Ryzen…