Destructive Creations is a very experienced development team, containing game industry’s highly-skilled veterans.

Many years of common creative work effects in a great workflow and staff stability. Our first production under Destructive Creations sign is Hatred, which was released on June 1st, 2015. Our main goal is to create original and non-compromising games. An example of Hatred shows that we can handle the controversy and unusual solutions perfectly.

Our chieftain (a.k.a. CEO, president, studio head, whatever) and animator. Trying to keep all sh*t together by sticking his nose in everyone’s work, making animations and worrying about the budget. Do not refuse when he wants to drink with you. And do not approach him while he’s working on a trailer. Just don’t.


I will make weapons of my imperfections.

3D artist. He will make 63472 environment objects per day (honestly!) and ask for more. He will also find 22345 reasons why the games ‘suck’ and in most cases it translates to: ‘Diablo 3 did it better’. Don’t mess in the art assets or he will hunt you down and do bad things to you.

3D artist. He will tell you exactly why your level sucks and he will prepare another thousand of objects for you to place in it. Even if nobody else would ever notice them. Another one with ‘Diablo 3 did it better’ syndrome. Keeps good morale in the team by finding pictures of beautiful women in the internet and sending them around.

3D artist. He’ll polish every goddamn pixel on a texture, even if no one will ever see it. It’s pretty common in our graphics team to moan about the quality of everything – and this one is no exception. We believe him to be no-life, by the way, as in his free time Steam always shows he’s playing games. Always!

Creating 3D art is like breathing to him, he is totally addicted to it, and he just can’t live a single day without it! He exactly knows what to do in order to make awesome assets. We just knew that he will be a great addition and support to our creative team.

He may look like a street brawler of some kind, but actually he’s a very talented 2D Artist. Gym maniac who doesn’t drink alcohol… We still don’t understand how someone can live without a beer or liquor, yet he does. o_O

Level designer, lightning artist. He will always be aiming for an AAA FPS games level of detail, even if he’s in fact working on a budget, 2D, economy tycoon game for smartphones. If you won’t deliver all the meshes he wants, he will force you to play Squash with him and will surely kick your ass!

Level designer. Caretaker of the logic and logic is his curse. If he has to make something that looks neat, but is against logic (‘Why the fu*k someone would put that crate in here?!’), he rebels. He never sleeps, because he’s busy with tatooing people. And don’t you every try to talk about politics with him. And if you will, don’t complain later on that we didn’t warn you.

He prefers handling the job himself. A big fan of prototyping, drafts and blueprints. Somebody should put a stop to him or he will iterate each feature forever! He is also very good at keeping us informed with the latest news. But be warned, he never stops talking about world politics even if its 4AM and everybody is wasted!

Maybe he looks sad as hell on every the photo, but in a real life he’s a pretty funny guy with Jabba’s laughstyle. He does the gameplay scripting and is very good at it. If you talk on our forums or Steam forums about bugs in our games, you probably talk to him, as he has enough patience to do so.

FX artist, shaders guy. Hater #1 of everything, except his own work. Only he can understand what his shaders are doing. He’s always beaten and scared, because he’s an american football player, what a healthy sport! Don’t try to compete him in RTS games. He’ll be finishing destroying your base while you’ll be still celebrating producing your fist unit.

We also have a new 3D Animator. His beginnings with the industry started about 7 years ago while frequently drinking vodka with our current boss. He also took his first animation lessons from him. He’s in love with forests, aquariums and rare aquatic plants of Borneo. Not too long ago he still had hair down to his waist.. but he shaved it off with hopes of getting a raise.

Programmer of everything. The oldest of us (he’s about 120 years old we believe) and the most experienced one. His average day looks like this: rolling cigarettes, smoking cigarettes, driving tanks, talking with people. And somewhere in between, all of a sudden, code-related stuff happens. Magic..

Programmer of everything. The kind of a guy, who first says ‘it’s going to be pain in the ass to do it’ and then, ten minutes later, he comes saying ‘OK, it’s done’. He will never like what he created, but everyone else will love it. Another dude patient enough to support people with technical issues in our games.

Programmer of nothing. He was a QA specialist but then he decided he wants to code even that he don’t know how. He just type random stuff and sometimes some thing he done even works. He does not know why he is getting paid for his work.